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At Dawes Point during Sydney Chinese New Year

6th - 14th February 2016

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What's a #gigaselfie?


Travel selfies are great, but hindered by one problem: you can never see enough of the fabulous place you’re actually standing in. So we created the #GigaSelfie – a fun new photo experience that features more (much more) of your surroundings than ever before.

The #GigaSelfie experience is live now at Dawes Point, Sydney Harbour as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations. Pose for yours today and go home with a trip photo that can't be topped.


Dawes Point, Sydney,
NSW 2000
Opening dates:
6th - 14th February
Opening times:
9am – 7pm
Head to Dawes Point via bus, taxi or on foot. Walk to the grassy space near the water. If you see a big dragon set up for Chinese New Year, you're in the right place. Look for the #GigaSelfie signs there.